Sonny Falls / Malci / Phony at Coles

@ Cole's Bar

Saturday, February 16 ~~ 9PM

Sonny Falls

Sonny Falls is the song-writing project of Chicago DIY veteran Hoagie Wesley Ensley. Disarmingly personal in his presentation, Hoagieā€™s writing gives voice to a depleted notion of modern Americana saturated by fortuneless upbringing, tragic devotion, and the untold losses of the opioid epidemic. These themes recur honestly and without pretension in his writing; Dire narratives are beset by a survival instinct of unrelenting optimism, and are delivered with a graceful balance of honest guitar rock and soulful self-expression. The result is that special kind of timeless indie rock. Bands like Built to Spill and Neutral Milk Hotel are strong points of reference not only because of the familiar sonic territory but because, like those bands, Sonny Falls is a project that listeners might fall in love with forever.

Producer/MC MALCI toes a fine line of contrast in all forms. At points, his music is thoughtful straight forward jazzy boom- bap raps, than a song later it mutates into something experimental, futuristic and chaotic. It's somewhere between Quasimoto & Shabazz Palaces, Guru (of Gangstarr) & Death Grips.

The fresh project of Neil Berthier (formerly of Donovan Wolfington). Neil has been writing engaging and personal material for years and has recently relocated from New Orleans to Chicago. This is Phony's Chicago debut and the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the songwriter.
FFO: Duster, Pile, Death Cab for Cutie