Sparkle Carcass / Jonfin / Britt Jones

@ Burlington Bar

Wednesday, October 9 ~~ 7PM


Chicago based band playing countrified rockers and belt buckle polishers.


Jonfin is a rock band hailing from Chicago, IL. Their music is a raw, driven and unapologetic blend of, alternative and garage, with a penchant for tasty melodies and warm aesthetics. Fans of artists as diverse as The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys and Foals will certainly connect with Jonfin’s sound, as the group embodies the immediacy, inventiveness and attitude of indie music to perfection.


Chicago based musician, Britt Jones, started releasing music in
2017 with the debut L.P. Guernica. Guernica is a mix of electronic and alternative music with a guitar driven sound in the haze of sultry synths, drum loops, and machines. Gearing up for his follow up Beneath The Waves, he further refines his sound which Jones refers to as wave rock. With this new focus and tighter approach, he’s built on the foundations of fuzz, reverb, delay, and chorus under the hypnosis of the unrelenting drum groove. Jones songs show his influences of guitar rock, electronic, and r&b, to create a sound that is soaked in gasoline then lit on fire to create a smokey crisp sound. His lyrics narrate Jone’s burnout apathy of the 21st century and the relationships that populate it under the urban backdrop. Look for the new tape Beneath The Waves due out on 4/20 dawg!