Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else / Yukons / Fran

@ Burlington Bar

Wednesday, March 14 ~~ 8PM


Ohio native Spencer Radcliffe has been writing songs in Chicago for the better part of the last five years. Joined by backing band Everyone Else, blends straight-forward songwriting with a dose of magic realism over a backdrop of sounds pulling from rock, folk, and psychedelic among other styles. Enjoy The Great Outdoors finds Radcliffe and Company along the always-open road between home and true destiny, sparkling just off in the distance. Perhaps it is a laid-back, watery, mountainous place where beer flows like wine and a lousy weekend can be charged with a crime. Fanciful yet straight-faced stories address the subjective nature of seemingly opposed destinations––and the potential truth that neither will ultimately meet expectations. Radcliffe urges the listener to “see the things there's still left to see,” but not without the warning that “happiness is not free”. There is an overall sense of urgency in the narrative, as if the future is slowly sinking over an endless horizon like the desert sun.


Latinx Expression.


Fran is a rock band that will grip u with hard-hitting lyrics set to simple, yet soaring melodies dreamed up thru years of listening to 60's pop, 90's indie rock, and Catholic church hymns. It's sexy rock u can cry to.