Stondar / Atonement Theory / The Feral Ghosts / Baba Yaga

@ Burlington Bar

Saturday, January 20 ~~ 8PM


From the darkest reaches of space, the last survivors of a dying world, Stondar have come to earth with an unquenchable thirst for vengeance. A thirst that can only be satiated with high decibel crushing doom. Stondar is Gabe Bott on guitars and John Marino on drums. Building on the Chicago tradition of instrumental metal from the likes of Pelican, Russian Circles, and Bongripper, Stondar takes that intensity and strips it to its core. Drums and riffs, no filler and no pretense, just crushing beats and sludgy jams.


Atonement Theory delivers crushing riffs, painting darkness with melodic ethereal brushstokes. These four songs are unquestionably an emotional journey from beginning to end. Jay transports you with the dark, driving, and forceful core of Isis, the melodic emotional melancholy of Failure and the omnipresent atmospheric heaviness of Neurosis.


The Feral Ghosts formed in the winter of 2014 emerging from Chicago's late night scene. Originally a five-piece band The more recent quartet consists of Alex on the guitar Tuko on the bass, Robert on the drums, and Annu behind the mic. If Motörhead and Joy Division hooked up after the Queens of the Stone Age show in 98. The Feral Ghosts would be there rebellious, sultry love child. The subtle influences of these bands inspire the sound that has become the unique characteristics of the TFG heavy tracks blended with raw emotion...


Baba Yaga is a 3 piece metal band from Chicago merging elements of black metal, death metal, thrash and doom.