Super Neutral / Pylons / Dentist / Dull Ache

@ Burlington Bar

Friday, May 3 ~~ 8PM


Based in Chicago, Super Neutral is Brad Jetson, Jeremy Porter, Geoff Cronin and Jacob Thomas. They formed in early 2017 and began performing live in early 2018 after releasing their debut, double-single “Your Little Still Life/Geek Speedball”. Their sound touches on 90’s-era alternative as well as modern indie rock. They’re currently recording their first LP, ‘Nervous System’ which will be released Summer 2018.


Pylons is a rock band from Chicago. They formed in 2015 and put out a self-titled album this summer. They consist of Gretchen Hannum on guitar and vocals, Sam Fadness on guitar and vocals, Karen Mooney on bass, and Jon Pardo on drums. They use striking lyrics and stark dynamics, perfect for fans of Pixies and Wire.


Dentist comes from the oceanfront urban landscape of Asbury Park, New Jersey. Their sound combines the freedom of the beach atmosphere and the urgency of the city into a fuzzed out, surf punk-tinged brand of indie pop with hooks and infectious melodies to spare. The ethereal vocals of Emily Bornemann are countered by the sometimes aggressive, but always addictive sounds of Justin Bornemann on guitar and Matt Hockenjos on drums.


Dull Ache is a two piece dream pop band out of Williamsburg, VA that has relocated to Chicago, IL.