The Fundamental Kink / Dentist / Gal Gun / Space Gators

@ Chop Shop

Sunday, August 12 ~~ 6PM



Your friendly neighborhood Knuckle heads here to guide you into a night of dance, ecstasy and rock n roll 🎸


Dentist comes from the oceanfront urban landscape of Asbury Park, New Jersey. Their sound combines the freedom of the beach atmosphere and the urgency of the city into a fuzzed out, surf punk-tinged brand of indie pop with hooks and infectious melodies to spare. The ethereal vocals of Emily Bornemann are countered by the sometimes aggressive, but always addictive sounds of Justin Bornemann on guitar and Matt Hockenjos on drums.


Shooting for understated complexity topped off by instantly accessible melodies, Gal Gun stands out from the crowded Chicago garage-rock scene. Drawing heavy influences from 90's behemoths like Weezer and Blur while balancing a softer sound influenced by Belle & Sebastian and The Shins, their sound is equal parts familiar and refreshing. The band's music and lyrics hope to strike a chord between triumph and heartbreak. Songs like "Heartbleed" obscure their more depressing nature with a slick power pop sheen. Gal Gun hopes to emulate Mancunian bands of the 80's in their ability to hide a world-weary pessimism amidst a full pop stride and have fun doing it.


It began as a last ditch effort to grill the bill in not but a weeks time, for the spirit of the gator is crawling ever-forward. Never stagnant. Circulate!