TNK | Vacationer / Pixel Grip

@ Sleeping Village

Friday, January 18 ~~ 9PM

$16 advance/ $18 DOS, 21+

The third full-length from Vacationer, Mindset is built on delicate melodies and crystalline rhythms that seem to alter the very texture of the world around you. Ornately composed but breezy in energy, Vacationer’s warm-hearted dream-pop perfectly mirrors frontman Ken Vasoli’s intentions in making the album. “The objective was to write songs that remind me how my brain needs to operate for my own wellbeing and happiness,” Vasoli says. “That’s where the title comes from—the record’s filled with all these reminders that put me in a good mindset for the day.”

Rita Lukea and Jonathan Freund are , a duo self described as "Disco Delinquents”, crafting infectious synth-pop jams since 2014. Jonathan's black magic analog synthesizer arrangements and Rita's eccentric yet impressively capable voice are a continuation of the time tested formula of male/female synth-pop duos that came before them.