Today's Trade 4/20 Single Release

@ Record Breakers

Saturday, April 20 ~~ 4PM

Today's Trade is gearing up to release their newest single at Record Breakers in Chicago. What better way to do it than with two other local rock bands in a record store? All ages show, no cover. Music begins at 4:00 PM.


The music of Today’s Trade is a continuation of the tradition that was born with electrified rock and roll. With a driving rhythm section, seasoned dual lead guitarists, and group vocal harmonies, the four piece outfit embodies the spirit of bands like the Allman Brothers Band and Grateful Dead. These classic rock influences, combined with an eclectic yet modern songwriting approach, are heard throughout the band's debut album, Give & Take, released in March of 2018.


The Laughing Hearts is a rock band based in Chicago, IL. From Funk to Punk, they take inspiration from it all and put it together in a shredtastic stew of straight-forward rock.


Rock & Roll had to die. It was the only way to bring it back to life. Such is the feeling of All New Kinds of Strange, the debut album from Chicago’s newest Americana rock band: The Prairie Fires. Stripping rock & roll to it’s essential form, the record isn’t afraid to dip into multiple genres to reshape the sounds of rock. What is the sound of rocks future? It’s clear the band is influenced by a variety of musicians from the Midwest and beyond, blending the soundscapes of Tom Petty and John Mellencamp with the pop songwriting sensibilities of 90s groups like Gin Blossoms and The Wallflowers, all of which are heavily dosed with the distinctive grooves and licks of Chicago blues. This is a band that appreciates rock & roll in the broadest sense of the word, and has the skills and sounds to bring it into tomorrow. The band takes its name to honor it’s Midwestern roots. Fire is an essential element of rebirth for the expansive prairies of Illinois, and that sentiment is reflected in the mission and sounds throughout All New Kinds Of Strange.