Vagabond Maurice, Shi la Rosa & Good at Bad

@ Uncommon Ground

Saturday, December 8 ~~ 7:30PM

You're invited to be a part of this magical night. Original music, unmatched vibe, Uncommon Ground.

To reserve your seat, either call Uncommon Ground Lakeview (773) 929-3680 or follow this link:

Cover: $10

Vagabond Maurice
An artist who writes with the motif of a Space Cowboy, or Gangster of Love, VAGABOND MAURICE’s afrocentric lyricism floats over lofi break beats that blend frequencies between atmospheric Jazz tunes and Hip Hop. Hailing from Minneapolis as a second generation American, with parents relocating from Liberia, his work often contextualizes themes of nerd mythos, Black liberation, enlightenment, and blues inspired narratives.

His latest LP, A Garden at the End of the World, is available now - streaming everywhere:

Singer-songwriter lyricism, hypnotic soundscapes, and a loud heart are what ring through Shi la Rosa's music. She experiments with both upbeat grooves to dance to and dreamy croons, beckoning you to look inward. La Rosa’s vocal tone has subtle nods to legends such as Lana Del Rey and Banks, but with an umph more comparable to Etta James. Each song taps into a different flavor of emotional saturation that only surfaces from prolonged introspection. Best defined as indie pop, the artist's soaring vocals will cut you and kiss you in one foul sweep.


Good At Bad, conceived and fronted by Russian-born Chicago native Nika Nemirovsky (guitar and voice), is a genre-bending, continent-crossing, soft explosion of intimate indie, soul, and dirty pop. Nika wrote and recorded much of her music in Australia, but is currently holding a close focus on the blossoming creativity of her Chicago ensemble. The live show is a lush bath of ardent vocal performance, cradling harmonies, and seamless groove changes, which align like aural punctuation around Nika's vivid storytelling and deep, organic vulnerability.