VCR Doorraiser w/ Kevin&Hell,Malci,Peggy Tenderass,Sex No Babies

@ The VCR (Message for address)

Saturday, March 17 ~~ 8PM

Two months ago, we threw a charity show and a drunk attendee threw a U-Lock through our front door. Once he sobered up the next day, he said he would help pay for it, but then bailed. By a turn of bad luck, most of the residents lost their jobs or had work slow down, so they could barely pay their bills.

So now we've asked our friends for help. Four great acts puttin on a fun, welcoming benefit show to help us replace our door!

Kevin and Hell - Jazzed up madness

Malci - Mind-warping hip-hop

Peggy Tenderass - Melodious meanderings made in the mad, mad mind of Maryann Michael.

Sex No Babies - A fountain of positive vibes

It's gonna be recorded, as always, so make sure to wear your nicest-sounding clothes!
Donations appreciated. =]
Please respect the space and its occupants.
(Come in through the gate on the side with the Chuy sign on it.)