Violet Mice / The Imaginatron / Big Mermaid

@ Burlington Bar

Sunday, January 28 ~~ 8PM


Violet Mice is the long-time project of Chicago’s bedroom-glam maven Ian McDuffie. No longer content to keep the glitter indoors, they're now backed by a full group of beautiful boys ready to bring the anarcho-glam-glow.


The Imaginatron is an all-expansive node of energies thrusting forth from the infinite realities. The band The Imaginatron is a tribute to the entity The Imaginatron. The band attempts to engage and invoke as many of these cosmic energies as possible via the use of dirty synth beats, jazzy guitar, angular erratic vocal spasms and spontaneous rituals that bridge the gap between ancient pagan calls and childhood glee.


Big Mermaid is punk rock for people who like to have fun, played by four girls who like to eat pizza.