WitchFeet / Lightweights / Dead Wells

@ Burlington Bar

Friday, December 8 ~~ 8PM


Witch Feet is an indie rock band from Chicago. These guys are from bands like: All Eyes West, Fast Bullets, Hysterics, Signsedso, Hinter... among others. Kind of like a sketched out pop rock n roll infused indie fudge sundae.


Lightweights is a Chicago based pop-punk band consisting of Josh Long (vocals/guitar), Jack Kaniewski (drums), Matt Braska (bass) and Eric Frandin (guitar). Formed in 2016 through a Craigslist ad, they spent a year writing material before releasing their debut EP, 'Absolutely, Yes' in July 2017. They plan to spend the rest of 2017 playing shows and writing new music.


Good dudes who like bad beer.