XL-Fits (Japan) // Eephus // Brain Viper // Bodyplex

@ Reed's Local (3017 W Belmont)

Thursday, November 15 ~~ 9PM

Age Restrictions: 21+

XL-Fits -- Fukuoka Japan, 77 thud punk, garagey damaged hooks, flippery frothed out weirdo jams... https://blanktapes.bandcamp.com/album/xl-fits-tour-cassette

Eephus -- punk, chill, angst... https://eephus.bandcamp.com/releases

Brain Viper -- A bass and drums, but not drum and bass. Howlsome. Space Jams... https://brainviper.bandcamp.com/releases

Bodyplex -- a project by Daniel from Lipschitz. one human bumping dark synth punk.