not diy chi is an organizational tool for the DIY scene in Chicago. We are what we say we are: this is not DO IT YOURSELF, this is DO IT TOGETHER.


not diy chi is a calendar of events, shows, performances, and openings happening in Chicago. Our goal is to provide an organized and complete schedule of events occuring in the DIY scene of Chicago as well as to promote and support the community it surrounds.

We hope to encourage attendance and exposure to many of the great DIY shows happening in the city of Chicago including music, the arts, theater, and performance. Events will mainly be hosted by underground or private venues, and we look to foster the network of spaces and performers. not diy chi aims to provide a comprehensive list of these happenings; no more missing out on events because they have been lost in the swell of facebook posts.

not diy chi is an inclusive organization and welcome all styles and genres of underground performance, music, and art. We’re looking for a variety of scenes and events, hoping that this will help build a stronger, more active community. If you have an event you’d like included, please submit your show using the SUBMIT feature on this page or by e-mailing notdiychi@gmail.com with the name of your event, times and particulars, and description you’d like included with the posting. All events must be submitted AT LEAST 48 hours in advance, but the earlier your submit, the quicker it will be added and the more people will be reached.

not diy chi will do it’s best to use discretion towards events which cater to any discriminatory, hateful, or negative behaviour. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at notdiychi@gmail.com.


Can’t wait to see you at the next show!