Ace of Cups II: Fire-Toolz/Keisa Reynolds/Natalie Grace Alford/Yadda Yadda

@ Elastic Arts

all ages

Abundance, fulfillment, and inner power: the Ace of Cups rejoices in intuition and quenches our thirst with creative energy. The second of a two-part series curated by ambient artist Lykanthea (Lakshmi Ramgopal), ACE OF CUPS II features sounds from Chicago’s Fire-Toolz, Keisa Reynolds, Natalie Grace Alford, and Yadda Yadda. Nourishing us between sets is Alia Ra’naa Walston, who will provide tarot consultations at the bar.

All ages, $10/$5 with current student ID

Angel Marcloid’s latest release Drip Mental combines machine crunches, wails, and mangled hip hop beats to create what Pitchfork calls a “vaporwave hell.” In this crucible of AOL dings and swirling screams, FIRE-TOOLZ autopsies the 90s to serve up loads of .gif-worthy millennial anxiety.

Keisa Reynolds is a queer Black feminist writer, storyteller, and community educator. You can find their work in Hooligan Magazine, Richmond Pulse, and In These Times. Originally from Richmond, Calif., Keisa has a BA in Cultural Studies from Columbia College and is pursuing a MA in Women’s Studies and Gender Studies at Loyola University Chicago. Keisa is a co-founder and host of Whine Club with Nohemi Rosales.

Natalie Grace Alford is a multi-tasker: at any given moment, she’s slamming her foot on her loop station, pummeling the keyboard, and singing sparkling earworms with one of Chicago’s most powerful voices. Named Dali Magazine’s artist of the month in March and numerous releases that include songs for Chicago Singles Club, Alford’s sound is catchy, insistent, and impossible not to love.

Yadda Yadda is the project of Ayanna Woods, a vocalist, bassist, and composer who creates a whole new language from the syntax of pop, jazz, and soul. Woods’ music has appeared in arrangements for the Chicago Children’s Choir, at Ganz Hall, and Pritzker Pavilion, and she recently self-released her first rap mixtape U Thought under the moniker The Hi Hatter.

Daughter of Chicago and High Priestess of the stars, Alia Ra’naa Walston dedicates her tarot practice to filling gaps in our self-knowledge with advice on healthful living. She’s the ideal guide for the journey the Fool in each of us makes.

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