Angelwings Marmalade-Human Host(NY/Pa.)-Meester Magpie

@ Cafe Mustache


Angelwings Marmalade
(aka Fire Toolz, Mindspring Memories, Swamp Circle, Rainbow Bridge records, etc. …another era in the evolution of Angel’s extensive streak of musique concrete/electro-accoustic/electronix work)

Human Host
(NYC/Pa.; first Chicago show in nearly a decade from the existent/imaginary wanderer[s]. HH comes bearing an important message that is neither false or true,evil or good, neither feast or famine, lost or found, neither flat or round, up or down… or to put it another way, there’s this:

Meester Magpie & The Party of Jays
(Mossy chlldren of eternity, last party before Joe runs into the wild blue yonder. Projected dreamscapes by Haley McCormick)

….adventure awaits, it simmers patiently within the hallowed halls of Cafe Mustache

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