Battles#3: Spoils & Return

@ Japanese Cultural Center

Saturday, April 29
Japanese Culture Center
1606 W. Belmont Ave, Chicago
Doors open 7pm
Donations kindly accepted
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Ken Mai
Holly Chernobyl
Kiam Marcelo Junio
Allen Turner

About the artists:

*Ken Mai has studied the unique style of both founders, Kazuo Ohno and Tatsumi Hijikata method. He has also studied German expressionist dance which has considerable influence on Butoh.

His style of performance combines Butoh elements with a background in Acting, German expressionist dance, Gymnastics, Martial arts, Singing, Zen, and Philosophy of Yoga Sutras.

*Ken Mai has been performing solo, teaching, directing other companies and has also collaborated with acclaimed dancers, actors, musicians, sculptors and visual artists all over the world.

*Holly Chernobyl has been a working artist for over a decade–her work spanning poetry, storytelling, bunraku puppetry, and movement and performance art. She has presented work in many Chicago spaces such as The Chicago Cultural Center, Links Hall, West Town Arts Walk, and Defibrillator Gallery. She has also performed in Seattle at Velocity Dance Center & Teatro de la Psychomachia, Brooklyn, NY at JACK, and shown in Nottingham, UK at the I’m Not From London festival, as well as in Quebec and Brazil as part of the FUTURE VISIONs Project. She continues to create solo pieces and collaborate with a talented array of Chicago artists. She has performed in numerous Antibody Corporation works, including The Future is Physical, featured in Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival 2014, and in NYC at Le Petit Versailles. In 2016, she was awarded four residencies, both national and international, including at the Chicago Cultural Center. 2016 also saw her first European teaching and performance tour, and the birth of her dance/theater company, NIGHTPARADE.

*Kiam Marcelo Junio is an interdisciplinary artist working across media from dance and performance to sculpture, installation, photography, and writing. Their works have been exhibited, screened, and performed throughout Chicago at Boyfriends, Defibrillator, Links Hall, Museum of Contemporary Art, the Bijou Theater, and the Field Museum, and at spaces in New York City, Mexico City, Cadiz, and Montreal. They were born in the Philippines, and have lived in the U.S., Japan, and Spain.

*Allen Turner is a game designer, dancer, storyteller, artist, author, and performer who has been involved in storytelling and education most of his adult life. He teaches game and experience design at DePaul University as he believes in the power of play and story as fundamental, powerful medicines which shape our sense of self, relationships, and our connection to the cosmos.

As a storyteller he often tells myths and legends within the Native American community in Chicago. He has provided cultural performances for the Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Public, the Illinois Teachers Conference, Newberry Library, Chicago Historical Society, and myriad other organizations and institutions. He extols play as a learning tool by educating teachers, via workshops, on how to bring games and game-like learning into their class rooms to give students a sense of progression and purpose and as rites of passage.

Most recently Allen has published Ehdrigohr, a tabletop, dark fantasy, roleplaying game that explores tribal themes and allegorical battles with depression, solitude, identity, and erasure.

As a performer he enjoys exploring the narrative power of dance and motion as a space of personal ritual and transformation via various forms of folkloric and improvisational movements..

You can find out more about Allen at his blog

**Battles#3:Spoils & Returns is the last in a series of 4 performance events for BATTLES:SS3 Post-Butoh Festival. For more info about other performances and workshops by visiting international artists,

**This event is co-curated with Holly Chernobyl and the Japanese Culture Center. Special thanks to Saira Chambers and Stephen Toyota for their generous time and spirit.

**Special thanks to our Fiscal Sponsor Antibody Corporation
curated and organized by Sara Zalek
Artist at Large

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