For Bresha And All Incarcerated Children #FreeBresha

@ Cook County Juvenile Court

Last summer, 15-year-old abuse survivor Bresha Meadows defended her life, and the life of her mother, by taking her father’s life. Bresha has been caged ever since. It appears a plea deal may be finalzed on the 22nd, but nothing is certain.

If a deal is acepted by the court, we will all still have a lot of work to do in support of Bresha — and other incarcerated children. So please join us as we reaffirm our commitment to Bresha, her family, and her future, and to the work of abolition.

And remember, if we are committed to this work, our dreams will empty cages.

This event is cosponsored by Love & Protect, Moms United Against Violence and Incarceration and For the People Artists Collective.

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