Melkbelly Album Release w/The Hecks, The Funs

@ The Hideout


Melkbelly Album Release at The Hideout
Fri. 10/13/17 | $10


The Hecks
The Funs

Melkbelly was birthed one night from the frozen head of a Midwestern god. Since then this noise-rock outfit has become notorious for its frantic arrangements, toothed melodies, and blaring live show.
The group is comprised of four friends, Miranda W, Bart W, Liam W, and James W, each weathered veterans of the Chicago scene, and at only three years old Melkbelly has honed a kinetic voice all its own.
With these kinds of technical bonafides you might not expect the depth of Melkbelly’s lyrical ability, but lead singer Miranda Winters is no mean poet, and delivers her lines sometimes in gentle melody, other times in a full throat scream.
They’re very loud. They’re very tall. You’ll never see them coming.

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