Unicorn Ballroom

@ Shapiro Ballroom

First Annual: Unicorn Ball, the official coming out party for Trans Liberation Collective. Sponsored by Trans United and Brave Space Alliance

Genders and Gentlequeers, and people of all flavors, get ready to slay at the Unicorn Ball, the Official Coming Out Party for the Trans Liberation Collective!!

There is no cover charge. We’ll be having stories, performances, music, and fantastic tables of fantastic organizations as we try to raise money for the Trans Liberation Collective, to support trans liberation and power in the city!!

We will have a bar and two free drink tickets for everyone of age.

Come on through, bring your family, bring your friends, bring your fun clothes, and bring your coin!! Help the Trans Liberation Collective come out of the fundraising closet!

This space is accessible to everyone the donations are suggested give what you can or even if you can’t showing up is supporting!

We will have door prizes !!!


Please email transliberationcollective@gmail.com to recieve an application if you feel so inclined to reserve a table.

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